The following is the list of all the deaths in the Student Body series of horror films;

Student BodyEdit

# Character Cause of Death
1 Mr. Bennets Face Crushed by hand.
2 Coach Stevens strangled and hung by jump rope
3 Secretary throat slit (offscreen)
4 Principal Young slaughtered by unknown weapon
5 Chucky Hicks Axed through back
6 Evelyn Stevens neck snapped
7 Michael Curtis head crushed between hands
7 Jason Palmer chopped in chest by axe
8 Mr Horris impaled by axe
9 Freddy Depp fac chopped by axe and thrown from balcony (offscreen)
10 Ida Hellings head pulled back until snapped

Student Body 2Edit

# Character Cause of Death
1 Mr. Clarice Impale through mouth and garage support bar.
2 Mrs. Clarice Face burned by stove
3 Neville Clarice Stabed through back in bed with kitchen knife
4 Sydney Clarice electricuted by hairdryer in bathtub
5 Phillip Daniels Neck snapped and broken
6 Officer Frankie struck by axe through stomach
7 Security Gaurd decapitated by axe (offscreen)
8 Erika Housen chopped in the top of the head with axe
9 Lydia Reynolds Throat slit with axe.
10 Denis Derek Chopped thorugh jaw with axe.

Student Body 3Edit

# Character Cause of Death
1 Airport worker head forced forward, neck broke
2 Male Flight Attendant head smashed into the side of the plane and forced through the window
3 Female Flight Attendant throat stabbed with shatter coffer brewer
4 Pilot chopped in shoulder by axe
4 Co-Pilot Chopped in the throat by axe
5 Kristina Myers head smashed by handicap bar
6 Adam Kungler stabbed through chest with broken handicap bar
7 Airport Police #1 neck snapped by legs
8 Airport Police #2 impaled through chest by machine gun barrel
9 Airport Police #3 hunting knife through forehead
10 Airport Security Captain thrown out the window to his death
11 Jessica Hughes impaled through back by medal pole
10 Eddy Huez head crushed by blunt side of axe
11 Ned Ex Ran over (presumed dead)

Student Body 4Edit

# Character Cause of Death
1 Ivan Glenn Sliced in half and decapitated by machete
2 Mr. Glenn stabbed by Pitchfork
3 Mrs. Glenn stabbed in the back with Kitchen knife
4 Austin Glenn stabbed in chest through chest with machete
5 Abby Glenn slaughtered with machete
6 Shawna Deviline chopped through head with machete and pulled through window
7 Officer Rufus throat slashed
8 Officer Dellings decapitated by Machete
9 Harold mangled with machete
10 Peter stabbed through back with machete

Student Body 5Edit

# Character Cause of Death
1 Truck Driver Thrown out of moving semi truck
2 Ambulance Driver and Paramedic run over by semi truck
3 Mr. Hickles Head crushed by Ned Ex
4 Nurse Eveleyn Head smashed in computer monitor/Electrocuted
5 Nurse Marrick Head twisted
6 Ashley Listir Axed in the mouth
7 Peter Axed in the back
8 Dr. Nebblet Axed in shoulder.
9 Paramedic Chopped in half by axe

Student Body 6Edit

# Character Cause of Death
1 Jeff Carter Heart torn out
2 Kelly Brunis Arrow to kneck
3 Eric Carter Axe through mouth
4 Uma Carter throat slit with axe
5 Hailey Carter Axe thrown in to chest
6 Nick Huemphner Axed into sholder/neck
7 Officer Craig Sawed in half with chainsaw
8 Officer Flenner stabed through chest with Chainsaw
9 Truck Driver killed of screen
10 Elaine Clarice axed in face