Rayce Mason is the central character in the video game series WarZone. He is featured in all 3 games, playable through multiplayer since the WarZone 2, and playable through the third games campaign.


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Mason was born to Kylie and Jason Mason 4 years before The Uprising and I one of the dozen children to be kidnapped by Alex Dropner to sacrifice to the High King Sebastian Hoover. His disappearance, prompted his father to lead Foxtrot Squad in a mission to save him.


After he was found by his father, Mason was burned alive by Sebastian Hoover.

After LifeEdit

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After his funeral Mason was sent back by Queen Heleyna, so he could aid the humans to defeat Sebastian. He arrives home to find his parents still morning of his death. He receives training in combat and becomes an Elite Sniper. He tagged along with Foxtrot down to the Underworld and ambushed the Demons. The Squad encounters Sebastian's Demon General Karl Spurrug, who attacks them, allowing Hoover to escape. After defeating Spurrug, the try to locate Hoover.

The Fall of HooverEdit

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