Sebastian Hoover was the self-appointed High King of the Heavens and the Underworld. He is the offspring of the former Angel Queen Heylena and the Demon King Vaskar.


He was born an Angel-Demon hybrid down in the underworld, at the age of 18, he killed his father, making him the King of the Underworld. He then traveled to the heavens and killed his mother in cold blood. With both the Heavens and the Underworld at his disposal, he declared himself as High King and declared war against the Surface.

The Hoover UprisingEdit

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Hoover was able to gain a large following, led by Steven Choris, kidnapped kids to sacrifice to the high king. Unkown to Hoover, a small army led by Jason Mason, retallieted against the Uprising and fought to rescue the children from sacrifice. One of them, Rayce Mason died before he could be saved.

The Fall of The UnderworldEdit

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The End To The HeavensEdit

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